Interest based dating where likes count

  • Interestd is an anti-swipe-culture platform where likes, matches and suggestions are limited by design
  • Featuring rich easy to create interest based profiles
  • Balanced by design to encourage meaningful choices. So you can match like you mean it
  • Suggestions generated daily based on interests and preferences
  • Powered by equal opportunity suggestion engine (not popularity biased algorithms)

Designed for genuine matches. Created to counter swipe culture

  • Likes are limited to up to 2 per day [1]
  • Matches are limited to 8 slots [2]
  • Get notifications when someone sends you a like
  • Chat in realtime for as long as you choose to stay matched
  • Users can unmatch to free match slots so don't be boring

100% Ad-Free platform

  • Everything on the platform is free. No ads, no hidden costs, no selling, sharing or exploitation of user data for marketing or secret social agendas
  • The platform was independently designed, developed and run by the author of the project to improve the state of online dating for the public

Getting started is easy

  • Create your profile
  • Tag your interests
  • Get suggestions daily
  • Match with people you're interested in

Support the project and share

  • Tell us about your success. Share and tell your friends
  • Donations are appreciated and help keep the project going
Online Dating Profile
  • Likes are limited to up to 3 per day for paid members
  • Matches are limited to 12 slots for paid members